Welcome To Dirty Joe's

How I began Building A Brand

Welcome to Dirty Joe's Clothing Store. Check out the welcome video from our founder. He tells you The Dirty Story how it all started. And what's coming in the near future for our team!

Welcome To DirtyJoes.Co

How did Dirty Joe's begin?

 In the beginning.   

       One hot sunny day an average Joe was looking for some clothing. To take on a lake fishing trip . He searched online and in stores. But couldn't find anything to quench his picky taste. So he asked himself? "Why is it? I can not find graphic T-shirts and board shorts I really like?" So as Joe drove around Kansas City. Hunting for clothes in shops and stores. All of a sudden Joe had a grand idea! "I should design & create my own clothing line."

But soon realized. It was going to be very difficult. So Joe began doing some hard and exhausting work. Researching, learning clothing production, experimenting with graphic design. Then finally Joe had some designs. He took those unique vintage designs to the local screen printer. And had them produced. Excited by the fact he had his own shirts. Joe then began wearing his shirts around town. He saw something really amazing happening. While working and traveling around town. People often would comment. "My man! That's a cool shirt! or That's Funny. Where can I get one like it?" And so after some planning. Dirty Joe's was Born! That's how it happened.  Were very happy. That we are able to sell our clothing to other average Joe's. Just like us.

Thank you for dropping by. And please check out our new collections.

"Dirty Joe!"

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