Welcome To Dirty Joe's

How I began Building A Brand

Welcome to Dirty Joe's Clothing Store. Check out the welcome video from our founder. He tells you The Dirty Story how it all started. And what's coming in the near future for our team!

Welcome To DirtyJoes.Co

How did Dirty Joe's begin?

 In the beginning,       

One hot sunny October day in 2016. A average Joe was shopping for some new threads. He was shopping for T Shirts and Board shorts, and even some flannels he could take on a outdoors camping & fishing trip. He searched all over Kansas City. To no avail. He even went online and found really cool online stores. But couldn't find anything to quench his picky taste. (Have You Experienced This Also?) So Joe asked himself? "Why is it? I can not find vintage themed graphic T-shirts I like, and polyester fitted board shorts I really fancy?" All these questions started to quickly fill his mind. But as Joe drove around hunting for clothing. In and out of shops he thought would cater to his taste and style. Joe suddenly had a grand idea! And said to himself, "I should design & create my own clothing line."


Sounded easy at the time. But as Joe soon painfully realized. It was going to be very difficult. Not one to quit when the going get's tough. Joe began doing some hard and exhausting work. Researching, learning clothing production, experimenting with graphic design. Then finally Joe had some designs. He took those unique vintage designs to the local screen printer. And had them produced. Excited by the fact he had his own designed T-Shirts. Joe began wearing his shirts around town. He saw something really amazing happening. While working and traveling around town. People often would comment. "Hey! My man! That's a cool shirt! or That's Funny! Where can I get one like it?" And so after some back and forth. Then trying this and that.  He was ready. And Dirty Joe's was born. That's how it all started. We are happy you stopped by. And hope you support us. And if you purchase anything from us. Know we will always stand by the quality and will never let you down. 110% Guaranteed!  Dirty Joe's Brand is for the working man or woman. And we have a sense of humor also. So please feel free to explore my new online shop. You may just find something you really like.

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