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We understand life is hard. So dark humor is a vital part of our personality. It's in our Blood & DNA. This special ingrained trait makes us so damned resilient. For example: When we feel life's problems get's so bad. We generally think it can't get any worse. But unapologetically it does! So you better know. Our humor saves the day. 

Making a living can be rough. Knowing this we don't cry or complain. Even if the odd's are stacked against us. "No matter!" So when others think our way of life is to hard. Or say, our job is too tough or even too difficult. We instinctively recognize that these individuals. Never had to endure hardship like we have. And that's our competitive edge. When we hear someone say. This is too tough. Or can't be done. We always give a slight grin. Roll up our sleeves and begin getting to work.

Our blue collar work ethic. Has incredible value. It guarantee's our survival. That's how we support our families & friends. All we want is the simple pleasures life gives. We welcome diversity. Because diversity is a very valuable learning tool. That is the Dirty Joe's way.

Show your style and diversity with our brand's specialty is Urban Clothing and Apparel. We sell Hoodies, SUMMER T shirts, Hat's and other products. More coming every month. Get Excited and go watch our Youtube Channel. Watch as we dive into life topics around Men and Urban Clothing.

URBAN CLOTHING | The Brand's Name Backstory

 You don't get anywhere in life sitting by waiting for your goal to happen. It will never happen if your not willing to work for it. And that's the lesson. Work hard! And you will eventually get to your goal. Awesome t shirts for blue collar tradesmen

The story of two guy's

There once was a young man in College named Ed. Ed was on a scholarship and had a few things going for him. Ed one day met another young man named "Joe". Joe was naturally funny. A really hard worker and sometimes really hilarious. Especially when he talked dirty and was vulgar. The guy's around Joe & Ed really thought these guys were hysterically funny and just stand up guy's. So they both got nicknames. Ed began calling Joe A.K.A "Dirty Joe". And Joe began Calling "Ed" A.K.A "Nasty ED". The two used to talk and B.S. when around each. And at night when in the dorms. They were both very good at writing Limericks.  They sang these vulgar Limericks. Just as guys do when they are bored. Naturally making time go by. But soon Nasty Ed and Dirty Joe were graduating. Soon to be headed in different directions in life. They both had jobs and worked with their hands. They stayed in touch over the years. And always had their friendship and stories to speak of. One day Ed began speaking to a young man about this story and friendship. And that young man really loved the stories and limericks. He thought of them from time to time. Even meeting Dirty Joe in person. As time went on. The young man became older. Then asked himself? "Wouldn't be fun and hysterical if I started a Brand named Dirty Joe's? And offered awesome t shirts and branded merchandise?" Well as time went on the man eventually did start the "Dirty Joe's Brand." And that young man is our founder. That's how the our name brand became. "Dirty Joe's". THE WORKING MAN'S URBAN OUTFITTERS