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Good Eats & Joe Gives His Opinion On Kansas City's Italian Food Scene




Hey Kansas Citians! We all love our Food here in the Kc Metro. But what are the best Italian restaurants in the area? In my latest video I tell you my favorites. Here is the problem! I know there are many Italian restaurants in KC. But to me these are my favorites.So enjoy and I hope this helps you.

Who is Joe?

In my Coffee With Joe videos - I hash out simple opinions and talk about topics for discussion as a Average Working Joe. Im Not Famous & I represent the little guy that works hard for a living. So being popular is "NOT" my goal.

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Im on instagram and tumblr too. Just search Dirty Joe's Clothing or Dirty Joe's Here is the List Of My Favorite Italian Restaurants. Dirty Joe's Favorite Italian Restaurants,

4. Avelluto's "Italian Delight" Link To Their Facbook Page, https://www.facebook.com/Avellutos-It...

I personally know and love these Brothers & the Family! The truly are the family business.

3. Lidia's Kc

Link to Lidia's Home Website ,


Lidia has a very lovely atmosphere and is very upscale. Her TV show is awesome too.

2. Cascone's & Cascone's Grill Now I have to clarify,

Their are 2 different Cascone's. Both are wonderful. The dinner restaurant is what I am mentioning And just so you know. Uncle Vito in Overland Park is always there to greet you.

Link below, The River Market Breakfeast Diner in the River Market is just as wonderful. Link below.

The Family's Dinner Restaurant, https://www.cascones.com

The Family's Breakfast Grill, http://www.casconesgrill.com

Cascone's is the sweetest of them all. And the food is to die for. But is very rich.

1. Garozzo's

Garozzo's is simply very delicious. Honestly all these restaurants qualify as the number 1 slot. But I had to do this list some way. This dinner restaurant is absolutely delightful.


My family goes here on Christmas eve every year. And it never disappoints. Thank you M. Garozzo.

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