Connor McGreggor Vs. Foyd Mayweather Fight

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"Let's Get Ready To Rumble!"

Who Will Win The Fight? | Conor McGregor VS. Floyd Mayweather | Analysis

Ok so who is going win the fight we have been waiting for? Conor "The Notorious" McGregor or Floyd "Money" Mayweather? There has been a fight brewing for the last year. And depending on who you ask. This is not going to be a "Ali Vs. Marciano' style battle. This is going to be a "WAR".  Both fighters have extensive training regimes and are the best at their fighting styles. Let's square up and see how they match up!

 Match Up Stats

Conor McGregor VS. Floyd Mayweather | Irish Flag Drapped On Shoulders

Conor McGregor

From - Ireland
Birth Date - July 14, 1988
UFC Champion and MMA Bad Ass.
Fight Record - 21 Wins 3 Losses 0 Draws
Fight Result Details (T)KO 18-0 Submission 1-3
Stance - Southpaw
Reach 74.0"

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor | Floyd With Championship Belt |

From - United States Of America
Birthdate - February 24, 1977
Hall Of Fame Boxing Legend
Fight Record 49 wins 0 Loses 0 Draws
Fight Result Details (26)- Knock Out Wins
Stance - Orthodox
Reach 72.0"

Who Is Going To Win This Fight?

  Both of these contenders are Bad Asses in their own right and style of fighting. But with that said. Can a MMA/UFC fighter (Conor McGregor) take the fight to Floyd Mayweather on his own turf? That is the question. Its the one question that will decide this fight my friends. It's really easy to theorize and say Conor doesn't stand a chance. Because after all he has been fighting in the octagon all these years and his fighting background has limited room for a Boxing match. I say this. If this white boy from Ireland can walk out of the octagon and train his balls off for pretty much a year. And claim he is going to walk into the ring and have a easy go at Mayweather ? He is fooling himself! He would still be behind Floyd Mayweather. Because Mayweather wether you hate or love his flamboyant charisma is a Boxing legend. This fight is all about Men and their Ego's.

Now if the roles were reversed and Mayweather got in to the octagon with McGregor. I would say! "The little guy from Michigan. Is going to get his ass mopped all over the octagon." Just saying! But since McGregor has a Muy Thai background. This would be no match to a Boxer. A Boxer can not deflect a blind flying kick to the dome! Anyway's this fight on August 26, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Is going to have all the doubters flocking to Floyd's corner. But reluctantly I really would be surprised if Conor McGregor walks in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. And proceeds to beat him at his own game. In my humble opinion. It's just not going to happen. Let's look into the background of Floyd Mayweather. The Man is a beast! He trains, and trains, and trains. All his life he has been training. One way or another. But there is one small issue. Floyd Mayweather is past his prime at 40 years old. 

Yes Floyd may be past the age where he has made boxing greatness. But chew on this? Walking into the ring with Conor McGregor is just another match for the Money Team! I mean come on? Floyd Mayweather has Boxed in title after title and never lost. So this guy knows his Boxing! And he is a lot smarter, than haters give him credit for. This very rich business man is worth millions. And has generated a gross estimate of 1.3 Billion in revenue. That's a lot of MULA! So the haters continue to hate. For example. They just see Mayweather on TV or Youtube where he is acting all Ghetto Fabulous and showing off a little cash. And suddenly they hate him. But see this how I interpret this situation. "Your just falling into his marketing trap all to easily." They guy really does have some smarts. 

But don't let me take away from the fact. Conor McGregor does the exact same thing with his fan base. And adds a little "F#K YOU!" to the mix. He is openly offensive and ostentatious. But you need to realize. This is a calling card to being a media marketing machine. But Hey! Were not here to talk about business smarts or marketing strategy. Were talking about kicking ass! "Hahahha!" Getting Back On Topic Here.

Conor Mcgregor in my deepest opinion is a really good fighter. He has held his ground and more fighting in the UFC. But getting into the ring after all these years of fighting on the ground is a mistake. And Floyd Mayweather may be getting older in life. But he still has the chops to back up his style. So its a no contest Floyd Mayweather will either A. Surprise Us and Meet His Match or B. Get Knocked Out By The Mad Irishman. We will have to see.

The fight is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. On August 26th, 2017 at the T mobile arena. I hope you liked my conjecture on the fight. And if you want to check it out on Pay Per View on Showtime Sports.

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