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What happens when you fly with a prankster?


Must be a Freaking Wicked Case Of Food Poisoning? I don't know? Dirty Joe! 

"Personal Story Time!"
Many years ago I have a wonderful friend that you just had to love! He was 6 foot 6 340pounds & grossly overweight but just a big man overall.
We were flying from Miami to Kansas City on a full plane. My friend was so large he needed to sit on 2 seats in the plane. Instead of a single seat. LoL( poor dude!) He was wearing a sued / velvet track suit. So he had very deep pockets. And I don't mean he was rich!


So No Shit! Here we are, Sitting across the isle from each other. And the airplane just reaches cruising altitude. So I relax and open my laptop up. And right as I sat back down. I have a twitch in my nose. I wasn't really paying attention. But a few minutes later. I take a breath and Holeeeeey Shit!!! I smell the awfullest smell I ever smelled anywhere in my short life. So I look around and start to rationalize to my self. I thought the planes Shit sucking truck driver. Fucked up! And forgot about pumping the planes crapper!

Air Travel Story

Next I fucking GaG! And look over across the isle at my big friend. And the fucker is grinning ear to ear. And I lean over and ask. "What The fuck man did you just crap your pants?"
He starts errupting in controlled quiet laughter. And leans in and by now people are looking around in pure horror. Starting to look as though they can't believe how fucking rancid the air has become.

And so... as I lean in so my friend can speak semi softly without being heard. I listen carefully to what he saying. While he has a shit eating grin on his face. "I had a 6 pack of stink Bombs accidentally burst in my pocket!"
Well to say the least the entire flight was funktified. The flight attendants were surreptitiously running down the isle. Scanning the passengers and gaging in panic. But here we were! trying not to laugh our fucking asses off. And nobody was the wiser of what the mysterious smell was in the air. Except Us! "End of transmission!" Dirty Joe!

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