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So today, I was the unfortunate sap that had to drive from Kansas City, Missouri down to Truman Lake or more specific Warsaw, Missouri. Now I am usually up for a day trip. But todays sudden trip I honestly found refreshing. I usually work daily. Running around Kansas City Metro repairing and solving all the issues with the iPhone's, iPads, and iPods. But today. I was doing my Dad a favor. He needed me to drive down to Warsaw, Mo to deliver some title documents for some property he has sold. So thats what I did.

Getting on the road!

So at about 11a.m. I was ready. I jumped in my small SUV and hit 71 South towards Clinton Missouri. From of course Kansas City. To deliver some papers to the Title company in Warsaw, Missouri. So I gassed up like I usually would at my local Quick Trip gas station. And hit the road south out of town. While on the road I had my iPhone with me as I always do. And started to think. I should listen to a Audiobook. So I scrolled through my library. And found a read. By Spy Wife and Husband Bob & Dayna Baer. Book Title: "The Company We Keep" Link if you want to find out more Here! "THE COMPANY WE KEEP"

This is a favorite of mine. Like I have stated. Because it's a serious Memoir style read. About a Husband and Wifes different journeys while undercover as CIA Operation Officers. It's honestly very entertaining and enjoyable journey. That is... "If your into that thing." Like traveling undercover and learning more about the life of a Spy. Or Clandestine Operations Officer with the CIA. 

So at about an 1 one hour outside of Kansas City. I turn off Mo. Highway 71 and continue through Harrisonville, Missouri. The ride was very soothing. All you really see is while driving is rural America. And woods and the flood waters that are covering lots of farm fields. When you start to get down towards Clinton, Missouri. And of course more farm land & rural Missouri. And I must say you get to see a lot cows taking a crap. But "Hey!" it is mildly entertaining. (HAHAHA!) I don't really mind taking long drives. Because my mind is following the Audiobook I have pumping through the speakers in my car.

So to make a long story short. I end up finding my way on the winding back roads of rural Missouri. And all of a sudden it all opens up. And your  crossing massive bridges over Truman Lake in the heart of Missouri. Images Below.

Mo Highway 7 Bridge Crossing Over Water of Truman Lake Reservoir | Warsaw, Missouri


When I turn on to Main St. in Warsaw, Missouri you can tell your near a lake. Just by the signs. Along the way down. I saw the Northern Cherokee Nation "Indian" building. And I saw very many signs that advertise cat-fisihing guides to the local McDonalds restaurants.  But just as I turn on to Main St. of the little town Warsaw, Mo. It's basically Ozark Style Hills and lots of fishing boats and storage lots and even a ton of RV camper storage places. So I pull up to the Title company walk in and give the papers to the lady who greets me. Mission Accomplished.

What to do now?

I find the nearest Subway and grab a sub to go while I drive to my next destination. I thought I would do a little exploring. Since I did not have nothing to do the rest of the afternoon. So off to Shady Shores, Near Warsaw, Missouri I go!

Shady Shores Sign Located Down near Warsaw, Missouri Lake Community Sign

Well I get back on the road. And head to a little place on the opposite side of the lake. Named Shady Shores. It's a little community on the side of a huge Hill over looking the lake. And it's probably a good 20 miles from the Main Street of Warsaw. But I go over to this little community to see if I can find the property that was just sold. Well I didn't really find it. All the property down there by the lake in the hills. Are basically lake and back woods fishing shacks and hunting trailers out in the middle of rural Missouri. It's the typical rural trailer and poor population. But you do see very nice homes in the mix. When your driving through. While I was in Warsaw. I saw something peculiar. And "No" Im not talking about the town Peculiar, Missouri. I saw either a Mennonite or Amish locals at a McDonalds down there. Wow! (HAHAHA)

So as I was navigating the treacherous gravel roads on the hills by the lake.   I have to add. That these large hills have very steep inclines and can be nerve wracking to climb. If you have never traveled on poorly paved gravel roads before. Luckily I'm not. Im pretty seasoned at offroad driving. But I drive down the gravel road to the lake edge. And arrive at the local docks. At the bottom of the gravel road. And Im expecting to see really nice docks and the water where fisherman dock and leave from. What I found was a really a weathered and challenged boat dock that looked really really in need of repairs. And it just seemed not so smart to try and walk on out on them. So I did not venture out on to the docks. The water by the way was more like a small muddy river arm. And I have a image below. But if you are fisherman or hunter. It really seemed like the place to go fish or hunt Deer. But after all its very rural and it's the place to go fishing or hunting. If your a sportsman like me! Its a backwoods, off the beaten path type of spot. Located in the middle of central Missouri. Just off the Truman Lake Reservoir. 

Backwater of Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake Reservoir | Warsaw Missouri Image

So after I looked around for a few minutes. I decided to get back on the road. And start my audiobook again. And it took me just over 2 hours to get back home in Kansas City, Mo. And time really flew by as I listened to one of my favorite reads. I can honestly say this. It felt like a mini day vacation to go explore a little bit. And I really did get some self reflection time while on my drive down and back. So I will post some images of what I saw on the road the places I describe here. And If you want to learn more about Truman Lake Reservoir in Missouri. I will link to more info below.

Warsaw, Missouri Information

Thank you for reading and happy travels.

Dirty Joe!

My Travel Map Driving From Warsaw, Mo to Kansas City, Mo Today



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