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Why this question is very important? It just is!

Ok, Fellas. I may catch some flack for writing this next blog post. But hey! It's ok! Dirty Joe can be sentimental and caring at times. Just like you. 

 Ok so the question begs. For the guys out here that are mercilessly asking me this important question.

Where to take your wife or girlfriend on a date?

This question has dogged many guy's in a time of need. When your trying to acquire the interest of that special lady in your life. The best way to take this answer in the right direction. Is to basically look at your goals for this date. If your looking to take your woman on nice night out. First you need to do some planning. Yep! Thats right planning.

But here is a common problem.

If your just considering taking her to Dinner and a Movie. That's may be thoughtful. But it's not the best option. Considering the goal of taking your woman out. Is basically "SPENDING QUALITY TIME WITH HER." Since this is the goal. I suggest you follow these simple suggestions.

Good Suggestion?

Take her on a Date to your local Art gallery. Or even look for galleries displaying an exhibit you can casually walk through. And this part is important. Read up on the exhibits so you don't look like a unprepared, unthoughtful jack ass. That has no ability to study and explore the artsy side of society. If you do this before you take her out. This will provide you with the opportunity to display your knowledgeable side. She probably is seeking out. And gives you and her a chance to connect through deep and stimulating conversation. Give your opinions. Your perception of the exhibits. And your conversation with her. Will take a direction that is meaningful.

No Gallery or Exhibit? No Problem!

If you do not have a Art gallery in your area. Or are a little short on places to take her out to. This next suggestion is gold! And is sure to get you in good with her. And that is. Take her around to your friends parties and do not take her out just for the sole reason of to go drinking with friends. Take her to meet your friends and their girlfriends of wives. So you can mingle a bit. This will stimulate conversations. You had no idea that would be so easy. But it works. Make it happen guy's!

And a final option that has the ability to really get you in good with her. Is to plan to take her to a Bookstore. And stroll around and pick up random books. Ask her what kind of books she likes. Stories you and her can share that will make the time with her easily connectable. And for a tip. I suggest walking in the bookstore a day ahead of time and put strips of paper in books you like that say simple romantic messages. And this will show her. You put some thought and effort into the date. And she will really love this.

So I hope this helps you guys. And for more Men's Tips I will be posting from time to time about simple Ideas and suggestions. To help guy's that need a little help and tips in their time of need.

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Dirty Joe!


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