Why Conor McGregor Just Lost The Fight Of His Career?

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Mayweather is still the King of the Ring!

Ok we all saw it, Conor McGregor put a hell of a battle and some may even say stood toe to toe with Floyd Mayweather. But in the end it wasn't enough for the Irishman to withstand the experience and devastating  blows from Floyd Money Mayweather!

I love Boxing it's in my family's blood. My grandfather Boxed professionally in the 1950's. After he got back from World War 2. I myself was a warrior in the military. Served my country with honor. And never backed down from a fight. So believe me when I say this. Even though I have mad respect for Floyd Mayweather. I knew secretly he would win this bout. But with this said. As Irish American Myself. My brother from the Green Island. Stood his ground. And fought his heart out. He did so well. Walking into the ring inexperienced against a legend. It makes me think. WOW! That was pretty fucking awesome.

During the battle

After reviewing the fight and the fighting styles. It was very clear Conor McGregor trained his ass off, for this battle. I imagine Floyd Mayweather Trained just as hard if not harder. Because his age is a factor. But during the fight Conor came out swinging and was very aggressive to begin with. But as with Floyd Mayweather his strengths are wearing you down while in defensive mode. During the fight. When Conor became a little winded that when Floyds orthodox fighting strategy and style exploded. Leaving Conor with very little room to escape. Or breathe to regain his strength.

One Fighters Inexperience

Conor's fighting style and inexperience was very clear when the fight got underway. Conor continued time and time again. To go back to the muscle memory of MMA and defensive Jiu Jitsu wrapping up Floyd with boxing gloves on. It was very clear Conor has never Boxed professionally before. His muscle memory wasn't there and the jabs he was throwing at Floyd were increasingly sloppy. So that is one reason he lost this fight.

Fighting a wild man

Floyd really is a Boxing legend. Floyd's fighting style is to be defensive and wear his opponent down by letting them move and try to throw punches. But defending all this time while the opponent is exerting their energies on you. But when Conor showed he hands and body started to get winded and over exerted. That's when you saw Floyd's professional strategy kick in to high gear. He basically just explodes when your at your weakest. And it's like a viper that lashes out when it's pray is it's most vulnerable. Leading to the TKO!

Full Fight - With Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather 


Fight video I found on youtube and is in a different language. 

The TKO was it too soon?

Ok so round 10 and just as soon as the Refferee steps in and stops Floyd from banging on Conor some more. People have been wondering was it too soon to stop the fight? I think the Ref was right to step in. After a few brain rattling shots to the face and head. Conor was not only dazed for a few mili seconds. But he was done. It was one of those moments when you think to yourself. If you let this continue to a Knock Out it would just be bullying at that point. So some will argue the TKO was too soon. But not me. When your getting pounded in the face and your showing that your winded and tired. That's a finalizer right there. Pretty much in Boxing. You go until you have no gas left in the tank and try not be brutalized in the process. It's basic good conduct for Sportsmanship.

My View Of Floyd Mayweather?

Look, I really like Floyd Mayweather. The guy is a Beast when it comes to Boxing. He has never lost and the training and talent that guy has is absolutely phenomenal. He has my respect inside the ring. And I really do think the guy is a big lovable dude if you know him personally. But with this said. I do not like the ghetto ostentatious showmanship he portrays on youtube. Because all it is. Is Marketing Stunts. Just to help his online profiles and gather inner city fans that act Ghetto themselves. I know many people that act Ghetto and are from the hood. Hell I live in the HOOD! And from my point of view it's all just classless displays of posturing. That's just my unadulterated opinion though.

I leave you with this

So with my thoughts on why Conor McGregor Lost The Biggest Fight Of His Career? Does it really matter. All in all. Not really. Conor McGregor is a MMA legend. Not a professional Boxer. So this spectacle was about earning money and putting on a good show. And showing the world how bombastic your EGO can be. That's what I think. So I will leave you with this one question. "Who paid for the Pay Per View?" Because if you did. You bought into the fighters good show. And showed the marketers that their scheme worked. LOL Who is laughing all the way to the bank now? I guarantee its not me or you! HAHAHA!

Thank you for reading,

Dirty Joe!

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