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"Why men have dirty minds?" A blog post by Dirtyjoe.co

A man's no bullshit view!

Throughout time men have sought resources for survival, attracting partners, and status. In my latest blog post. I will talk about why men from the caveman period to today in modern times. Seemingly always end up talk about the same topics. Like for instance. Money, Sex, and achieving the highest social status seemingly possible. Why is this relevant to my topic? "Why Men Have Dirty Mind's" Well it ties into the man's psychological structure. And when a man continually expieriences hardship and impossible challenges. He will either,

A. Be Flat out defeated. Say Fuck it and gives up. Then dies a horrible death.
B. He will laugh and get back up and continue to persevere.
Until he get's it right. Or dies trying.

Now I am no Psychologist or expert on the subjects I am talking about. But I can tell you. As a man. Men's behavior simpler to me. Why men speak about things affecting their life. And how they have the instinctual programming to want to fix something. So when I see men boasting about. How many women they have available. And their conquest to bed as many as possible. It just seems simpler to me why men think this way. Now I may seem like insensitive chauvinist pig. Which I probably am. But after all. I am writing about Men's Dirty Minds! Im sure the feminist movement concludes all men are insensitive pigs. "HAHAHAH"


In the beginning of cavemen times. Brawny cavemen were very primitive. Living in austere conditions. So naturally you needed to be tough, healthy and smart to survive in hardships like this.  Let's think about being a man in caveman day's. Their is no modern homes, creature comforts. But they needed to eat so they were forced to hunt and fish. Cavemen could not go to a grocery store to buy steaks. When the going got tough. So they relied on other individuals around them to help with the survival. So trusting your tribe or group. Became imperative to survival. But invite the wrong person or having a war with another group. Meant life was about moving around and relying on wits to survive. Trust the wrong person and one wrong move. Like trusting the wrong individual. And your life would not be worth shit. And you would get eaten by whatever the fuck attacked your stupid ass. And killed you! This is what you should consider when examining a conversation with a man. That is stressed out when trying to eke out a living.

Women and Sex

Women in cavemen times must have been fucking horrid looking. Because they had no access to make up or self help bullshit. And or access to fashion magazines. Thinking about it. A woman's youth after she grows her asset's and begins to growing into a woman. Will be at her life's peak in looks and health. So the cavemen around her. Would all be trying to molest or separate her from her from the group. So they could knock the broad up! "Im Just saying. It's not that different from today!" These men's genes needed to be very robust and strong. And when a caveman wanted to have sex with a woman. He manned up and took control! "Pay attention Boy's who are following along!" Anyway's when the cavemen were away from the group. And on the hunt, away from the bimbos they were fucking & cohabitating with. Today Men wine and dine a woman they have been courting. Spend lots of money and try to look as good for the woman as possible to attract her to his chivalrous personality. But after the honeymoon period is over in the relationship. The woman becomes bored. And or frustrated the man doesn't do these activities with her anymore. And the relationship falls apart. So this is why you hear men bitching about how fucked up their wives and girlfriends treat them at times. They don't speak like this to other guy's. Because they want to be insensitive of their wives or girlfriends feelings. They are just venting. And that could be it. Im sure cavemen talked the same way. When life got hard in the winter season.

 Men's Behavior Explained

Status and the Alpha Male 

When cavemen were establishing themselves as alpha males. When in groups or tribes. The head of the tribe had complete control over everybody else. Other males that were beta followed their lead. Without questioning his authority. And let the Alpha lead the pack. Meaning the alpha male could fuck any woman he wanted at any time.  All other males in the tribe or group became subservients. These subservient cavemen would go hunting. And vent their frustration to each other. Bitching and moaning about shit like! "How fucked up is it when we come out here to hunt. Old fuck face in the cave isn't cleaning our animal hides and shit like that." You have to ask is this at all different than what we see today. In beta mal behavior? So in todays modern age. Beta males that work in lower status jobs. Such as salesmen, assistants to managers. And other guys that are low on the totem pole. Or those in this broad category. Usually lack leadership roles. Will be the ones that give a wide birth to the Alpha males at work or in the community. But unlike cavemen days. The alpha males in modern day's society. Have become more discreet in taking another man's woman. But it does happen. Everyday! "So let that be a lesson to you  boy's" If your woman suspects your weak or thin skinned. You will be at risk. Loosing your girlfriends attraction towards you. If this happens. Your girlfriend will cut you off. All the while starting to feel an attraction to the alpha male. Ultimately giving the pussy up! And you will be left staring into space with your dick in your hand. Asking yourself? What did I do to deserve this?

alpha male example for Dirty Joe's Blog "Why Men Have Dirty Minds?"

The ending is near. Yes. So when men talk to each other their is a mutual understanding that life is tough. And it isn't going to get any easier as time goes on. So why not fucking be completely uncompromising and opinionated. And throw some humor on it to help mask the fucked up world we live in? Right?


Thank's For Reading. And take a look at our Store DirtyJoe's.Co for clothing we design. Mostly graphic tees and T-Shirts.

Dirty Joe's Dirty Thought's. 


I am just one man.  This is just one man's opinionated view. Not intended to be scientific research and shit like that. Thank's! DJ.


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