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Muscular Man With A Little Bald Head!

Meat Head Story | Joke Of The Week Post | Dirty Jokes By Joe

How a meat head became disfigured!

A huge muscular guy glides in to a bar one night. And orders a draft beer from the bartend. Sits down and the bartender slides the beer on the bar. And says, "Dude You know, Im not gay my friend but I want to compliment you on your general muscular physique. Your really buff. But I have a question for you though. Why is your head so small?" The big man nods slowly at the bartenders question. And obviously has heard this question many times. Muscular man begins to speak with a gruff voice. "One day, I was hunting in the the woods and got lost. And when I was lost trying to find my way out. I hear a cry for help coming from the distance. I went to check it out. I look down and I see a little frog by a a stream. So I pick up the frog and it said to me." "Kiss Me. Kiss Me, and I will turn into a genie and grant you 3 three wishes." So the muscular takes a look around to see if he was alone. Satisfied he was. He gave the frog a kiss. And all of a sudden POOF! The frog suddenly transformed into a gorgeous, voluptuous, naked woman. 

Joke Of The Week By Dirty Joe!

She looks at the man before her. And says, "You now have 3 three wishes."

So the man looks down at his scrawny 110 pound body and thinks for a second. And begins his first wish. "I want a body like Sylvester Stallone." 

The woman nods slowly. And says a small spell and all of a sudden. Poof! They man began to transform and rip out of his clothes and became a huge muscular man. Like Sylvester Stallone. Since the man was huge now he was naked just standing there.

The woman then asked , "What is your second wish?"

The Man thinks for a second then turns his gaze upon the gorgeous naked woman in front of him. And says, "I want to make passionate animalistic love to you. Right here by this stream. Right Now!" The naked woman nods. And laid down and motioned for the man to begin making love to her. So he did. They made crazy hooting love for hours.

After this was over, the couple laid there in disbelief looking at the sky. Smoking a cigarette. And the woman says to the man. "You know you have one more wish. What will it be?"

The man thinks for a few minutes and looks dazed from all the crazy sex they have been having. And turns to reply to her. 

"How about a little head?"

End Of Story! 

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