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Joke About Buying A Stubborn Camel

There was a man named "Tommy" that was on a North African Trek just before World War One. He walked into a village. And discovered the village had no horses for his journey across the scorched Libyan desert. So he set off on foot in the heat. As he was walking about 20 kilometers from the previous town. He walked up on a Camel and a old Bedouin. The man named "Tommy" asked the Bedoin if he would like to sell his camel. The Bedouin man looked at "Tommy" with great delight. And said "Yes!" And so "Tommy" bought the camel on the spot.

The Old Bedouin man gave the reigns of the camel to Tommy. And began to explain that his new old Camel named "Clyde". Was a bit stubborn at times. And that the camel needed some motivation at times while on their journey. "Tommy" Asked Ok! What do I have to do? The Old Bedouin man began to tell a bizarre and strange story. 

The Old Bedouin man looked at Tommy and began to explain.

Sometimes when the Old Camel named Clyde would be walking along. And would suddenly just stop. So you will have to sometimes reach down under the camels genitals and give him a few strokes. And the camel will just start walking again. 

"Tommy" Say's "No Problem! I got this" So off the into the desert "Tommy" and the Old camel named Clyde went.

About a half a day in to the scorched desert. The old camel named Clyde suddenly just stopped walking. And "Tommy" looked at the old camel named Clyde puzzled. And tried to drag the old camel by the reigns with no success. The camel just would not comply.

So "Tommy" thought to himself about what the Old Bedouin man had suggested and began to reach down under the camels genitals and gave him a few fist pumps on the camels unmentionables. The camel perked right up. And began to walk again.

Later on their journey. The old camel named Clyde just slowed down and stopped walking again. "Tommy looked at the camel" And started to pull, and plead then eventually started to cuss at the animal. With no success. Fed up and humiliated. "Tommy reached down and began pumping on the camels genitals again for the second time. After a few minutes. The old camel named Clyde perked right up and began to walk again. "Tommy was happy and felt accomplished and the two continued on their journey.

The next day the pair was walking along. And the old camel named Clyde just stopped walking again and laid down. "Tommy" Completely in a rage began to beat the old camel and drag and pull with no success. "Tommy felt very frustrated by now." Regretting the fact he paid for a camel that was not up to the task. So "Tommy dropped down and reached under the camel and did the only thing that has worked before. And began to pump away on the camels unmentionables. But after an hour of pumping. The old camel named Clyde wasn't standing back up and starting to walk. So "Tommy" Yanked, Pulled, and Beat the camel some more. With no success at all. Completely demoralized and defeated. "Tommy went up to the camel one last time to plead with it. "Tommy pleaded with the camel and point blank asked Clyde. "What the hell is it I need to do to get you moving again dammit?"

The old camel named Clyde calmly looked "Tommy" in the eyes with a small grin. Then began to pucker his lips and respond with SMMMMMZZZZZ SMMMMZZZZZ!!! 

That's the story about the Old Camel Named Clyde!


Hope this was funny for you all and happy Sunday!


Dirty Joe!



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