Fishing Report Venice, Louisiana | Speckled Trout and Bull Redfish

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Hot Bull Red Fishing & Speckled Action Venice, Louisiana
Dec 5th, 2017 
Over the Thanksgiving Holiday period, I traveled down to the Gulf Coast to spend Thanksgiving with the Troops and go fishing. Even though I wasn't keen on staying in Pensacola the entire time. I decided to make the commitment and drive down to Venice, Louisiana. Excitedly to check out the inshore bite. I know very well if there is one place I will always catch fish. And lot's of big fish. It's going to be Venice, Louisiana.

So after Thanksgiving day was over. I decided to head over to Waveland, Mississippi. To see family. While in that neat old little beach town. I got the urge to go fishing. Now I must say. I am a avid fisherman. And living in Kansas City,Mo I only have lakes and small ponds near by. And to be completely honest about the fishing in the Midwest. It sucks!! I swear I have saltwater fishing running through my veins. So Im always looking for a opportunity to go get on the water and fish. And this was the perfect time. I got to thinking about 4pm. Who can I call down there I know to take me out fishing. My usual contact in Venice, Louisiana was gone for the Holiday. But I remembered talking to "Blair Wiggins" of (Addictive Fishing) sometime ago. Down in Florida at a Fishing convention. And he recommended I call the Guy's over at Cajun Fishing Adventures. Because He has always gone to Venice and Fished with them for many years. For his TV Episodes. So I did a quick search found their number and gave them a buzz.
I spoke with a very nice lady that answers their phone. She put me in touch with a guy named Tony. Tony called me back really quick. Didn't hesitate to ask me what I wanted to fish for. And said come on down! So I headed that way. After a 3 hour drive from Mississippi. I walked into the Lodge. And WOW! This lodge they operate down there is absolutely a sportsman's paradise. Fantastically convenient. Beautiful structure & decor. Even full of Deer Mounts and trophy fish specimen's. It was late about 1 am. So I headed to get some shut eye. There was a big day to rest for.
I got up at 4 am. And prepared all my rods and reels and junk I would need. And headed to catch the guys at the Boat at 6:15am in front of the Lodge. As I was instructed to do a few hours before. I was introduced to a Hulk and Bear of a Man named Mr. Rosendale. He would be my guide for the day. Let me tell you! He really was a great guy. And exceeded my expectations. Making my day truly memorable. Could not of asked for a better Guy.
I loaded my gear into the boat and we headed to the Boat launch. Fast fact: The Mississippi river delta. Flows right through the marsh down there. We pulled up to the boat ramp. And launched the boat into the small inlet. And proceed to cross the massive 1 mile width of the Mississippi river. As we motored a few hundred yards into the river. A Huge Panamanian Style Oil Tanker began passing by. It's bulbus bow was pushing water 10 feet vertically. Once the tanker began passing us. We looked tiny compared to this monster ship. It's wake literally was 2-3 foot waves. Water engulfed the small boats bow. Of the small 19ft Skeeter center console  we were inside. But it was no big deal. The boat sliced right through the waves. Then we leaned in to the throttle. And the 300 horse Yamaha came alive. And sent us flying over the surface of the river. By now the sun began to rise and light was getting brighter. The temperature must have been 45 degrees. But when we got up on plane in the boat. I was sure glad I had my arctic Military issued parka on. Made by Alpha industries. It was cold.
We started heading in to the maze of marsh canals that spread out from the Mississippi river. And basically spent about 20 minutes zig zagging through the marsh canals. Clearly seeing Alligators on the muddy river surface. Disappearing as we passed by.  We even saw dolphins breaking the surface in the bay's. We rounded canal corners and sped by Huge Oil Rig Outpost's. Finally arriving at a little quiet marsh lagoon. This lagoon was pretty shallow. How could any fish be in here? But Mr. Rosendale assured me they were here! I looked in the middle of this lagoon. And saw a Natural Gas Line Sticking up out of the water. You could hear the gas hissing and flowing inside these pipes. Here is a quirky fact: In the Oil industry. These Valves & Connection Pipes are nicknamed "Christmas Tree's". Don't ask me why. It's just what they are named in the industry.
After coming to a stop the temperature was rising by the minute. The Sun was rising over the marsh and you could feel the heat from the Sun. Fast Fact: The Sun down near the Gulf is really more powerful than many other place in the USA. And if you don't wear sun screen you will get burnt. We lowered the trolling motor. And began to creep up the lagoon side.  Mr. Rosendale literally makes one cast. And Holy Shit! He is on the first Speckled Trout of the day. Im in disbelief. So I make a cast. And Nope! Nothing. 10 minutes go by and I kid you not. Mr. Rosendale is on his 3rd catch. I am just dumb founded. But 5 minutes go by. And before I know it I see the electric green popping cork with a small piece of Shrimp dissapeer. I am hooked up to a Speckled Trout. I reel it in. And it's a healthy 13 inch Trout. Not bad at all!
Some time passes bye, and Im on another bite. And it isn't long I counted 14 casts 14 fish. We were getting so many Trout. I Stopped counting at 14. The water was really like glass and there was no wind. But the Speckled Trout bite was insanely hot. And also the bugs started to eat us alive because there was no breeze. To wisk them away.
After a few cast's with no fish hooking up. I reel in my line to check my bait. And there isn't any on the hook. Grabbing a tiny shrimp hooking it up and chucking it in the middle of the lagoon. I begin to yap to Mr. Rosedale about stuff I have seen over the years. When I worked on the Boats down in Miami and the Bahamas. All of a sudden I see the electric green popping cork disapeer. Thinking I have another Speckled Trout I begin to reel down on the small 2500 Penn Battle 2. And at first the fish fighting back was real light. So I am thinking its an obvious Trout I am hooked up with. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere I feel this heavy monster take off and tug back. Suddenly almost jerking the rod out of my hand! Next thing I know I am fighting a big Bull Red! Finally after 10 minutes of going back an forth with the over sized Bull Redfish. It's in the Net. And it is large. 39 inches and a easy 20+ pounder. Wow. I just can't believe it. I just landed a fish of a lifetime.
Big 40 Pound Bull Redfish Caught In Venice Louisiana
So after a few minutes of Holy Cow and High fives. I get back to fishing. I look to check my watch. And it's not even 9:30 am yet. Incredible. We probably have already released 15 little specks. And kept 25-30 Specs cooling in the Yeti. I bait my hook and pich it over by the Christmas Tree sticking out of the water. And like clock work. BAM! Another Speckled Trout. And another. Every time I am casting after bringing in the last. Another is hooked up. Just amazing! I can't believe my eyes. But you have to think. After all it is Venice, Louisiana!
So the time is about 10:30 am. And I am baiting my hook. With another tiny live Shrimp. And toss it out in the lagoon. And Wham!!! Unbelievably I have another Bull Redfish hooked up! This time it starts to fight and roll a lot more than the first. Mr. Rosendale confirms it. It's another Bull Redfish. So I am running the gunnels of the boat trying to ease this behemoth to the side of the boat. Then finally I get him in the net. Im am in awe. It's another slightly smaller Bull Redfish. 2 Bull Red's in one day. 2 Fish of a lifetime just over an hour apart! Not to mention the many Speckled Trout we have caught. And many of them of average in size. Just WOW!!
2nd Bull Redfish Caught Venice Louisiana
Image of Caught Specked Trout From Fishing Louisiana
So after this catch we pull up the trolling motor and make a move. We began heading for the bays. Because the critters flying around us with no breeze. Were eating our asses alive. Not pleasant by any means. I swear my forearms were marked with 50-70 little chigger bites. And it drove me crazy driving the 1,000 mile trip home. Itching and being uncomfortable. But here is a tip! Make sure you buy some Chiggereeze it will make all those little itchy bumps not so unbearable. But I don't mind all those chigger bites. Compared to what I got in return. A hell of a story to tell for years. And a fishing trip of a lifetime!
We hit the bay's and stared trolling around. But it seemed the bite tapered off. And the wind picked up. By noon. We were catching speckled trouts here and there. Capping our limit off. But started to catch small 9 to 14 inch Red fish. Just off these little marsh islands out there.
Before I knew it it was time to pack it in. And head to the boat ramp. And so we made the run back to the boat ramp and put the boat on the trailer.
Catch Of The Day Lots Of Speckled Trout Venice Louisiana
Interesting observation. It's Duck season down in those parts. And we kept hearing sporadic gun fire from the other hunters on their boats out in the marsh. Hunting Ducks. And when we pulled in to the boat ramp. There were Duck carcas strewn and littering the boat ramp. Kind of gross. Kind of gross and unsportsman like if you ask me. But after they cleaned the ducks for the meat. They tossed the rest in the mud near the water. Probably so the Gators can have a snack. Im surprised we didn't see any near there.
Anyway's the fishing trip came to a end. But not totally. I grabbed some live Shrimp and found a place in the marsh on the side of the road to try my luck. And I kid you not. I saw Speckled Trout Rolling in the calm water. Just off the side of the road. I grabbed my rod from the back of my car. And Holy HOLY COW!! I started slamming specks from the side of the road. Just incredible! After releasing more than 12 Speckled Trout I ran out of live Shrimp. And decided to go get some dinner. By this time it was only 5 pm. And I was sitting there at my table. Just going over the day's incredible fishing. And figured to myself. I should really share my experience from down here. And so here I am. Telling the world all about my fishing trip to Venice, Louisiana If you get a chance please watch the video from my trip on this page. And I will post some more pics from the trip here. Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this blog post.

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