Friends Of Dirty Joe's | Come Have A Beer With Us

Friends Of Dirty Joe's

So in my blog people have contacted me. Just to say Hi! So if your stopping by. Please Fill in where your from. And Tell Us What You Do?



John "SHREK McPhee Retired US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES TIER 1 Operator. Operates a one of a kind PH.D Level Shooting Coaching Courses All over the United States of America. If you need security or if your Law Enforcement  Or Military. John Will Up Your GAME and get you on target every shot you take. Tactical Training Courses As Well. 



 Island Tan Kansas City - LOGO Landing Page

Jim over at Island Tan has the best Tanning salon in Kansas City Metro. Need a tan for your special event. They have state of the art Tanning and spray tan equipment. That can hook you up! Click the link it will take you there fast!


Kansas City's Best SEO EXPERT Services | Website Building and More!

I have known Phil over at SEO services for a few years. He has bascially given me a new look on life with his precious services he provides. Never Again Need SEO again with his company! Go Visit and he will take great care of you as long as you need him! The guy is a machine and is a expert in his field. Phil We LOVE YOU!!! LOL


Kansas City Missouri's Expert iPhone iPad iPod Repair Specialist LOGO

If you ever needed a expert on the go. Then KC iPhone Doctor can save your bacon when you accidentally drop your iPhone iPad or iPod. We get it done fast! And best part you never have to be inconvenienced again. Because the Doc comes to you!



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Friends Of Dirty Joe's | Have A Beer And Laugh With Us!

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