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Wash Your T Shirt In Steps

Dirty Laundry In Basket: With Crumpled T shirts ready for washing


       Most people love wearing their new T shirt or Hoodie, but how should you care for your new favorite top? In this instruction guide. I will explain the general way you should care and wash for your new Tee or Hooded sweatshirt.

So you just started wearing your new Dirty Joe's T shirt or Hooded sweatshirt. And you have been busy working or lounging around the house. These detailed instructions will help you keep your new printed shirt or sweatshirt looking and smelling clean.

It's not rocket science. But it's always a good thing to explain the madness behind these detailed steps.

1. Turn the garment inside out!

So your doing laundry one day and you find your new T shirt or hoodie. First things first. Turn the t shirt or hoodie inside out to preserve the ink printing on the outside of the garment.


2. Sorting Colors.


Why? Well if you were to just throw all the colors together with your whites. Here is what will happen. Your whites will wash. Yes. But your whites will not be white any longer. Leaving them possibly with color stains. From the other clothing dyes. So separate the colors. It will make things easier.

3. Washing Detergents and Bleach.

Use normal amount of washing detergent. But I suggest using "DARK WOOLITE" with your colors. And normal washing detergent with light colors. What about the whites? Use normal washing detergents but add chlorinated bleach also. For that bright white luster. And do not use bleach of any kind on Colored clothing. "You will loose the color dyes. And end up ruining your clothing. With bleach marks all over your favorite clothing."

4. Machine wash on warm (NOT HOT) for a normal cycle.

Why? If your were to hand wash your garments that is fine. But these days. Most washing is done in a washing machine. So the if you were to wash your coloreds together on Hot it would possibly melt and disfigure your new printed garment. Leaving you frustrated. All the while your new favorite T shirt of printed hoodie is a lost cause.

5. Place in dryer on normal low heat for 35min. Or dry by hanger.

Why? Ok this should be self explanatory since I covered what high heat can do to your printing ink on your clothing. But some people need reminded. "Never USE HIGH HEAT WHILE DRYING!" Just pop your clothing in the dryer for 35 min on low heat. And your life will be easy. But if you want to preserve the look of the clothing. Hangar dry so you do not end up with a faded look on your clothing.

6. Fold, Hang Up, and Storage.

Why? For the sake of this DIY Care article. Fold your new T shirt or Hooded sweatshirt. So you do not have to end up with hangar stretching marks. And for storage. Store in a dry cool place so you do not have to worry about critters munching away on your new T shirt or clothing. Like silverfish or moth eggs. And do store in a closet or drawer with moth balls. And your new T shirt or Hooded sweatshirt should be ready to go when you need it.

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7. Your all done. 

If I missed anything. I have always said. "I am no genius. So Please Don't Go To Hard On Me!" I apologize if I missed something. But please tell me what it was I missed. And I will change it. I hope this guide helped you in caring for your new T shirt or Hooded sweatshirt from Dirty Joe's. And please comment & share if you found this useful my friends. I wish you happy days to come. 

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