Hugh Hefner Passes Away This Evening | Sad Announcement From Dirty Joe's

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It Is With A Sad Heart We Report Hugh Hefner Has Died


Yes it finally happened. Hugh Hefner one of the trailblazers of Sexualized entertainment has passed away. Known for starting his sexualized lifestyle entertainment magazine "Playboy" with $600.00 dollars in 1953. So here is the Los Angeles News Release Of His Passing.


 If you need some more time to grieve for the man who really made Sex cool. Here is some interviews of the Hef!

 And Some More! Because Hef Was Special To Dirty Joe's! A story on that to come later today!



As I said Before! I will be making a video story of my experience with Hugh Hefner and Visiting The Playboy Mansion for a weekend later today.

Stay Strong Dirty Crew!

Dirty Joe!

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