Joke Of The Week | 3 American Inner City Activist Went Trekking In The Jungle For Utopia

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Inner City Activists Learn Big Lesson

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Three American inner City Activists set out on journey through the African continents jungle. They are on a mission to find how Africans handle injustice in the bush. So they can bring back this study to the United States and possible sway public policy with their expedition.

They arrive by bush plane deep in the jungle. And start their trek through the jungle. They are very happy and optimistic they may find the holy grail of how people work together and come together as one to make a perfect utopian society possible. Just as soon as they land in the bush plane. One of the trekkers. Buys fresh fruit from a blind man in the village. And begins to have their story of traveling to find the perfect utopian society to the blind man. The blind man laughs hysterically and says stay away from "CHOOKIE". Completely weirded out by the blind man's reaction. The inexperienced city explorers take off down a trail on their long anticipated journey through the African Jungle. 

Several days into the trek. Start to suspect someone of something is watching them. The three explorers are walking down a steep valley. When all of a sudden. The wildlife and birds completely go quiet. And they shrug and keep on walking down the path. When they come to a clearing they see a waterfall and a fire in the distance. They set up camp. And begin to bed down for the night. And completely blissfully fall asleep.

When the three explorers are wakened in the middle of the night by weird chunga musical noises by the distant campfire. They decide to begin to walk towards the fire. When they arrive at the fire. They find a tribe and chief sitting on a big chair. The three explorers are completely surrounded and trapped. With no where to run or evade. They embrace the tribal people. But the tribesman warriors have spears and their faces are painted with weird colors and have strange tattoos and strange oversized bone jewelry. Completely undaunted the leader of the three explorers. Begins to approach the Tribal Chief sitting in the chair.

The Chief Rises and has his staff in hand. And says to the spokesman of the group. "You are captured. So you have a choice. Death! Or CHOOKIE? The groups spokesman completely frightened out her mind doesn't know what to say. Knowing she doesn't want to die. Thinks for a second. And chooses wisely. And say's to the Tribal Chief. "I choose CHOOKIE!" The tribe begins to scream and ceremoniously dance while gleefully yelling CHOOKIE! COOKIE!! The Chiefs gay warrior approaches the spokesman of the group. And then rips the pants off the explorer and begins to savagely bone her up the ass! After the brutal punishment. A few women take the victim away. Leaving two explorers.

The second explorer of the group breaks down in tears and is completely revolted by what he just seen. Starts to weep hysterically. And the Tribal Chief motions the second explorer to his chair. The explorer nervously approaches. And the Tribal Chief says's "DEATH? OR CHOOKIE?" The second explorer doesn't want to die. And with no where to run. Sheepishly looks up to the Tribal Chief. And while weeping say's, "I choose CHOOKIE!" The tribe begins to scream and ceremoniously dance while gleefully yelling CHOOKIE! CHOOKIE! COOKIE!! The Chiefs gay warrior approaches the second explorer of the group. And then rips the pants off the explorer and begins to savagely bone him up the ass! After the punishment. A few women take the victim away. Leaving one explorer.

The third explorer from the group. Seems to be from the Hood in the USA. And puts on a brave front. Starts to talk mad shit acting all tough. Acting real ghetto. Running his mouth. Well the Tribal Chief Motions his junior warriors. And the junior warriors easily grab and subdue the third explorer. Bringing the restrained and gagged prisoner or the third explorer to the Tribal Chief. As the third explorer is on his knees. Arms restrained, mouth gagged. The Tribal Chief motions the junior warrior to ungag the ghetto shit talking tough guy. And asks him. "Death? OR CHOOKIE?" By now the third explorer on his knees in front of the Tribal Chief. Thinks to himself. I ain't going out like no punk. Saying to himself.."I would rather Die than have these animals fuck me up the ass." And acts very brave for a second. Then looks up at the Tribal Chief and say's. "I choose DEATH!"

The Tribal Chief looks down on the pathetic ghetto punk. And the Tribal Chief Looks him up and down. And raises his eyebrow and smirks. Then say's in a yell...."DEATH BY CHOOKIE!!!"

End Of Story!



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