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Yesterday I made a youtube video on Men's winter fashion essentials. Proper layering and surviving winter when you work as an average guy. Most of us guy's do not really follow fashion magazines or fashion trends. And if your like me. Don't really understand it. But anyway's what I do understand. Is in order to keep warm and look half way decent. We choose our clothing for functionality. So my video below will help in the layer department and keep you warm on those day's when we have to work in the elements.


I hope you enjoyed the video, and below I will outline the essentials for layering and what I do to stay warm while on the job or working in the freezing weather. Note this is not for extreme outdoor cold weather. Just for guy's that work as truck drivers, delivery guys, or other trades & blue collar jobs.

 Working in the Cold Winter Month's is brutal. But with this guide you will survive and be warm and comfy while working.


1. Flannel lined jeans are great for extreme cold weather. But I find a simple pair of denim jeans will suffice. Make sure they are clean and of thick material. So they can handle your work schedule & load.

Upper Body

A. Start with a white Hanes T-shirt or undershirt. I did a history of the T shirt by the US Navy Here

B. Grab another T shirt and put it on over the white T shirt. Any T shirt that you have is fine. But in my opinion you can't go wrong with our own Dirty Joe's T SHIRT.

C. A sweater or even better a Thick material Henley long sleeve shirt will be a great and warm edition. You can always take it off if your a little to warm.

D. As a bonus for fashion, adding a flannel button up shirt is great to make you look smart, and give you a vested edge with the ladies. They will see you care about your appearance and will notice you a little better. That's just my humble experience. LOL


If you have a pair of boots you normally wear. All the better. But make sure they are not tennis shoes. That's kind of a stereo type. And wearing a work boot or raisan colored work shoe will really make you shine.



Sock's are often overlooked and white ones are usually what guy's wear. But I think a great pair of thick wool socks go along way to make your feet breathe comfortably. And keep them warm Here is a pair from Cabela's I wear almost daily. HERE - SOCK'S


Alway's wear a thick brown or black Leather belt to match your shoes. Any kind will do. As long as it's real Leather.


Any watch that is Brown or Black will do. But just remember to alway's wear Black with Black and Brown with Brown.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this. I do know I am not a fashion designer or fashion professional. But I do work just like all the guys that come here. And my tips and advice are for these guys. Blue Collar guy's and Tradesmen are my some of my heroes. And so are some of the falla's that wear suits and ties.

Til next time!
Dirty Joe's


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