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So It's Saturday and I thought to myself. I should do a blog post on the different T-shirt designs coming down the pipe. And in the works for my store.

This weeks is really a awesome week. I am turning up the tempo of designs I am putting into production. And they will be available soon on www.DirtyJoes.Co


Everyone loves Drinking Beer and even more. Wearing the Beer Label on your T-Shirt. So I decided with all the Craft Beers popping up in the Beer Market. I should absolutely make my own Beer T-shirt design. So here it is! Dirty Joe's Original BEER. As a kick to the small print we see on Beer labels. I went a little further and included 100% Natural Piss Since 1969. It's all too common for guys to be drinking beer. And sometimes it just tastes horrible. Hahah!!

Fly Fishing Tackle and Guide Service.

I was brainstorming and have always love buying T-shirts from small Tackle shops located on the Coast or Large Lake Vacation Spots. And so since I love fishing. I created Dirty Joe's very own Fly Fishing Tackle and Guide Service Design. It features a small freshwater trout like fish. And is pretty classy look if you ask me. This will surely be a great fishing T-shirt for all the Dad's, Uncles or any guys out there that want a good T-shirt that looks like a old vintage tackle shop shirt.

Silver Mining Pow-Wow in the Old West!

I love exploring Arizona. I have spent a lot of time in the Desert down there. And while I was just wandering off into space one day. I came up with the idea to make this T-Shirt design. It features Skull Canyon, Arizona as the place for the 1968 Silver Mining POW-Wow weekend party / conference. Its lively desert colors are going to look great on a rust orange colored T-shirt. I have personally received many requests to mass produce this design. As many people on instagram want to buy this T-shirt. So I am in the process of bringing that to the store.

To finish up this blog post. I will have more news coming down to me about the release date of these designs. If your looking for a quick gift for your Brother, Uncle, Dad or Man in your life. Consider one of our T-shirts to add a quick laugh and your man will love to wear this shirt in their daily lives. It brings a laugh and a smile and on it's own. Dirty Joe's T-shirt designs and apparel are designed by an average american dude. And is fun and unique at the same time. And if I can add a side note. Every guy loves a unique and very rare type of T-shirt other guys want! 


Thank's everyone and stay tuned. More designs and more T-shirts are coming soon. I am working hard for you!

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