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My  New's Blog!

Dirty Joe's Founder Skydiving in Arizona

Hey everybody! My name is Michael Weston. I am the owner of Dirty Joe's Clothing.  Im the guy you all see in the photo above.

Im not special by any means. Im a average guy. and have a average blue collar job. I work hard. So I understand how difficult it is out in this world. And how a free laugh can go along way. Thank's for stopping by. Next I will get into why this store exists and where its going. You Cumin?


Mens Style Topics

Wether its finding a fun T-shirt or getting some comfortable swag for a camping or vacation trip. Guy's Dirtyjoes.co has your covered!

I am working hard to create designs and have those designs printed on to new shirt blanks. I am also working hard to get some coffee cups made for promotions. More to come soon enough on those. I promise.

As a whole. I love our men and women that work hard and in the elements. And who preserve our nations freedom. The Men and Women of the US Military. You are my heroes!

Look! I get it. After a back braking day of hard labor. All you want to do is go home take a shower and put on your favorite comfortable clothes and have a cold beer or glass of whiskey. While you rest. And so to honor you all. I have made the Dirty Joe's Whiskey shirt. It features my brand "Dirty Joe's" as if it were a whiskey brand. And sort of makes fun of all the craft whiskies out there! After I designed and printed this idea. I started wearing this t shirt for many weeks in Kansas City.Mo area. People started to stop me and ask me "Where can they get this cool T shirt I was wearing?"

So I get the idea. Why not make it available to everyone that wants one. I am making it available as my first product on DirtyJoe's.Co ecommerce page. I have sizes for men in Small, Medium, and Large, and Xtra Large. If you need a XXL or XXXL Im sure we can arrange for that. Please send a email to us at..... info@dirtyjoes.co and or our Facebook profile page. And we will get you all squared away.

 Front of Dirty Joe's Whiskey T Shirt

Here is the T shirt.

The front say's Moonshine Distellers and it arc's over the Distillery's Barrell. And the bottom rocker says Kansas City, Mo 2016


The Bottom image is the rear of the Shirt. And say's our companies domain. Followed by our fictitious Reserve Blend Whiskey Logo. And to finish it off with the year "Since 1939"

Mens Fashion Vintage T Shirt 

The T shirt is a blend of cotton and polyester and will give you plenty of life to last for years.


Well I hope you like it enough to order yours. Because I won't be able to keep stocked. Once we run out. We will move on to a new different design. So order yours today. And get it at our store.



I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. And as the weeks go by and as I produce new products. I will reveal more about me and some funny news to follow. So if You find it fun interesting and just plain awesome. Please share this wherever you come from.

Thank you for reading and visiting folks!

Please feel free to join me over at Facebook or look in my new store. Full of Guys Graphic Tees.

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