Why Street Wear Will Never Die!

What you need to know about these street design OG's

It's August 2017 and as far as I can remember their is a laundry list of streetwear brands that have shaped my life. And some top streetwear brands that come to mind are FUBU, The Hundreds, Tommy Hilfiger, and Of course Polo! With all these big name brands pioneering the way to the street clothing we wear today. It's safe to say. Streetwear will never die!

Here is a list of streetwear brands that I grew up with.

FUBU - By Daymond John

Tommy Hilfiger - By Tommy Hilfiger

Polo - By Ralph Lauren

SEAN JOHN - By P. Diddy

The Hundreds - By Bobby Hundreds & Partner

So these are to name a few. And lets dive in and see what exactly these brands have done for American streetwear culture.


By Daymond John, In 1992 FUBU came screaming out of Hollis Queens in New York. Around the time L.L. Cool J started repping the new brand founded by Damon John and a few of his partners. Why this is special. It's special to me. Because when you read Damon Johns book 
The Power Of Broke Daymond goes on to describe in incredible detail his up ward struggle to get his brand off the ground. He faced mountain after mountain. And kept climbing. He never quit. And when he finally begged borrowed and stole his way to the Las Vegas Magic show. Is when he hit it big. And he didn't even have a booth set up in the show it self. He passed around a Picture of L. L. Cool J. with one of his jerseys on. And the interest just followed him down the street to his hotels ballroom. Just really incredible. I saw kids at my ghetto inner city school wearing FUBU. And always wondered to myself who was the smart dude that introduced this brand to the street. Now we know.

Tommy Hilfiger,

So Tommy Hilfiger was born in Elmira, New York in March of 1951. After several ventures early in life. Then in 1984 Tommy was approached by a Indian business man Mohan Mujani. To take the lead in designing a men's sportswear brand. When the brand launched. They put a big billboard in New York Times Square. And the masses came to buy the newly media blitzed mens fashion line. Upscale white America began wearing and promoting Tommy's new fashion collections. After doing well in this market another market took shape. In the early 1990's Tommy Hilfiger's brand was embraced and made another streetwear Icon. he hip hop scene took notice. And when Snoop Doggy Dog appeared on Saturday Night Live with oversized clothing of Tommy's Fashion line. And you can say the rest is history. As the inner city took to his fashion like a moth to a flame. It's special to me because when I was in High school in the inner city. If you didn't wear Tommy Hilfiger you weren't cool.


By Ralph Lauren, is the ultimate Rags to Riches story. When Ralph was in high school he was dirt poor. He learned to escape his poverty by going out to the movies and reliving the plots he saw in the theatre. After a short stint in the ARMY. Ralph Lauren moved back to New York City and began working as a clerk at Brooks Brothers. When a friend took Mr. Lauren to a POLO match. He fell in love with the outward style. And his story really begins. Ralph Lauren began designing men's neck ties. In turn the business quickly gained traction and earned him $500,000. From Bloomingdales. Ralph Lauren started desiging clothing and kept the designs simple. And this quickly took off. In the 1990's Ralph Lauren's brand went on to the stock exchange and his brand was forever cemented. Why this story is so important to me? Well when I was in High School if you wore Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren and even Nautica. You were not even cool. Sad to say. I still wear some of this to this day. I guess I love it and I will never change.


By P. Diddy - It seems whatever Sean Diddy Combs touches turns to gold. He was a side kick in the 1990's with the Notorious BIG. And was present when the rapper turned Icon was shot to death. After the murder. Diddy started multiple companies and even dated Latina Hot Totty. J.LO . While on his business journey. Diddy created his own line of Streetwear. And it was a classy up scale line of urban street wear. In fact you could wear his stuff today and it would seem not out of place. That's how timeless SEAN JOHN Has become since the 1990s. Why is this special to me? Well when I was growing up. In my city and Neighborhood all the local ghetto and hood people would be wearing SEAN JOHN. I never wore it. But I always liked it because it was a new kind of class. I think this style of clothing will always be around. The over sized clothing has a comfort like no other. And the fabrics are truly works of art.


By Bobby Hundreds & Partner. This Cat out of Los Angeles is a story that is like no other. He basically was an artist that got lucky. But his brand remains alive to this day. And will always be what it was in the beginning. "ORIGINAL" Bobby is a Korean American. And his family strongly wanted their son to go to school. And work hard to be something professional. Well since Bobby was an Artist and wanted to make money from his art. He decided to give clothing design a try. After returning from Japan and researching the streetwear over there. Bobby and his partner decided to try and cold sell his brand to local stores. Met with a Icy reception. They tried again. And actually paid for their friends to go buy the clothing they supplied the new stores. And to their absolute astonishment. They were told to order more because the stores buyers could not keep the items stocked. Floored Bobby and his partner knew he had something with this business. And The Hundreds was born. The Hundreds has Iconic value as a leading streetwear brand. Because no matter how you look at it. It will always be "Origianal". Why is The Hundreds special to me? Well when I first entered in the United States Navy many of my shipmates wore The Hundreds when on liberty. And I always wondered what the draw to the brand was. So much so I became fascinated by The Hundreds. And became a brand ambassador myself. Thanks Bobby! LOL

Thanks for joining me on my list of Streetwear brands that I have grew up with. And why they will never die. As I wrap up this blog post. I must say I take some inspiration from each of these stories. And will always strive to be myself and be 100% original. The brands I have spoke about in this article. Are NOT paying me to speak about them. I just made a quick list and jotted some history down. So you could better understand. Why I think these brands will outlive the fashion market. Also the history in this article is not up to date. This list is splotchy at best. So don't take my word for their history. You can look that up yourself. I just generalized when speaking their story. 

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