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Work Hard Drink Hard Design Tees

Dirty Joe loves adult beverages. Whether it's Beer, Liquor, or Tequila. Or even just plain Hard Root Beer. I love to sample and taste each liquid courage. With a bit of creativity. So each time I produce a graphic design for our T-shirt collection that focuses on beverages. I will be adding them to the list here. Now I really don't own my own distillery here in Kansas City, Mo. But I would love too! So to be a little funny and stylish. I will be making my own logo's for adult beverage labels. And design them to be awesome. So check them out!


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What is BEER?

Beer is a liquid beverage made specifically with malted cereal grains. And you can add rye, barley, wheat, rice, or corn. Then the brewer will add hops and water that will start to ferment when adding yeast to the batch. Yeast will break down the sugar. And as this happens the soupy concoction divides then multiplies. Producing a gas named carbon dioxide. When the carbon dioxide is reacting to the conditions. It creates ethanol. Or as beer guzzlers call it? (alcohol).

The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Can range from a small 2% percent. All the way up too 155 percent in some Barley Wines. Beer is a broad and extensive subject. There are 100's Hundreds of beer types. And for general information about beer. I think simply speaking. I covered the basics here. 

Whats Our Food & Alcoholic Drinks Collection?

If we were to have our own Distillery, Restaurant, or Brewery. We would have to make our own T shirts. So we did design our own establishment themed tees. Check them out below.

Here below, is Dirty Joe's collection of Beverage style T-Shirts he's produced. We know our graphic Tees look good. And we are better than 99% of shirts out there. So let me give you some style! Check them out!


Below I Will Be Showcasing Our Collections of Alcoholic

And Restaurant Themed T-Shirts

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