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Who wears our brand?

The Dirty Joe's Brand isn't for weak minded, lazy hump's or quitters. It's made for Survivors & roughneck working folk's that love their heritage. Shirt's that stand up to grueling machine shop conditions. All our men's casual T shirts are great to wear if your not at the job site. Or on the job site.

Forged from life experience!

DJ's Brand of T shirts. Are like no others. We take our message seriously. We want you to read our casual T shirts in our collection. And say "Man no one is going to have a Tee like this! I NEED ONE!"

If your other knuckle dragging friends will want your new Dirty Joe's Tee. Were hard core blue collar folk's here. So if you wear a hammer on your tool belt or hide brass knuckles in your back pocket. Your new shirt. Will be the talk of the job site or local bar. Easily making itself a conversation starter.

Designed by a working man. That works for a living. And understand's the value in having an awesome T shirt to wear on the job or lounging at the house. The design themes can be outlaw criminal inspired. To beverage or liqour brand labels you find traveling to cool sounding places. New designs coming! Promise!



Backed By Our Bad Ass Guarantee! We will ship you a new T shirt free of charge. Or refund your hard earned dough. If your not satisfied with your order. That's a GUARANTEE!

Our Styles Include: Short Sleeve, 100% Cotton, Vintage & Classic Designs All Printed Locally in Kansas City, Missouri Proudly Made IN USA!
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