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It's really cool when you see a old reconditioned or original muscle car driving down the road. And it's the same way with old school, vintage apparel line. They have a unique art work about them. That basically screams nostalgia & historical significance. And I for one love that old school look. It's bold and sway of the letters. Really speak to the inner James Dean! So I came up with my own line of vintage style Tees. This T-Shirt collection is really going to knock your socks off. By the way these T-shirts look.

Back in the early 1940's Adolf Hitler and his German war machine. Was busy with "Blitzkrieg" or lightening war across Europe. And the United States of America had just entered the War. When Japan attacked the Naval base at Pearl Harbor. And nearly decimated the Pacific Fleet. So a draft was ordered and Men were ordered to the United States Armed Forces. During Military Service. Our boy's would write home. And usually receive small pictures of loved one's and especially their girlfriend or sweetheart back home. And the pin up was born! But let's get to some basic history facts first. 

What Are World War 2 Pin Up Girls?

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Vintage Pin Up Girl on the Side of WW2 Bomber Aircraft

The World War 2 Pin Up Girl was usually a woman that used her sexuality to entice and reveal her power in the early 1900's when women were not supposed to be sexually suggestive. But these women were often painted on airplanes and other miscellaneous military equipment and aircraft during the war. The soldiers that painted these women on the side of aircrafts or equipment. Were prone to looking at their cheesecake photos of their girlfriends and wives back home. And basically as any man away from their woman would know. You get lonely. And these soldiers wanted a little sexual enticement and excitement. And the Pin Ups. Would ease the loneliness and help the stress of the service man being away at war. 

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