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Dirty Joe's Fly Fishing Guide & Tackle Printed Tee

Angler Style Graphic T Shirts

 I love fishing. And it seems I never can find really awesome fishing shirts in Kansas City, Missouri . But since the United States of America is full of anglers that love fishing special lucky T-shirts. I decided to make my lucky catch Tee design. And have a laugh at it as well. Because the sport of fishing is all about fun. For all you fisherman out there that love a laugh and are mysterious about your luck. Here is your chance to grab an original design. Introducing Dirty Joe's Fly Fishing Guide and Tackle. I believe this shirt will give you the best of luck when out on the water fishing. The design is basically a off shoot of the T shirts we see in the tackle shops that have their own guide services. So we made our own. This tee design is preorder as of right now. 

Who doesn't love to go fishing? Dirty Joe loves fishing so much. He could honestly quit working and go a permanant fishing vacation the rest of his natural life. Sounds good huh? But first lets give a comprehensive list of fishing styles I know.

Fishing Types

Angler Fishing on lake in the sunset

Angler On Water with a fish on the line in the sunset

These are just some of the different style fishing types I could think of. But for more on fishing and their meanings. For more on types of fishing. Visit the link above.

Bait Casting, Spin Casting, Fly Fishing, Dobu style, Korogashi Fishing, Tenkara Fishing, Ayu Fishing, Dapping Fishing, Still Water Fishing, Drift Fishing, Live Bait Fishing, Longlines Fishing, Drop line Fishing, Chumming the water fishing, Bottom Bouncing Fishing, Trolling or Trawling Line Fishing, Purse Seining Fishing, Artificial Jigging Fishing, Jug and Worm Fishing, Worm Fishing, Ice Fishing, Deep Current Bottom Fishing, Noodling Fishing, Catch and Release Fishing

Ok so here in the United States of America. There are so many spots you can go fishing its unbelievable. There is a huge range of fishing guides and tackle stores. And so here in Kansas City, Missouri you will only find 2 or 3 types of fishing. So to really have some fun.  We decided to create our own fishing T-Shirt collection. I think you will really like what we have to offer the general angler. Because we are anglers ourselves. Dirty Joe!


Fit: This T Shirt fits a average man. So when you order your natural size. Small, Med, Large, Xtra Large & XXL It should fit nicely comparable to other T shirts in your closet of the same size.

Fabric Material: This is 100% Cotton Fabric. For easy pull over and stretch. Adding a comfortable feel. This blend helps your bodies natural cooling system work better by dissolving sweat and not containing liquid for density.

This Graphic Design Logo T-Shirt Is A Dirty Joe's Original

  •  Regular Fit
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Many Sizes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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