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Arizona T Shirt | Skull Canyon, Arizona Vintage Style | Logo

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Arizona Vintage Logo Designed Tee

Coming Soon to my store. This is a Old style retro design. That I thought would be kick ass. It's a Mining depiction design. Of a Old Vintage look. It say's Skull Canyon, Arizona 1968 Silver Mining Pow-Wow. It's a throw back to the late mining days of the 1920's.



Fit: This T Shirt fits a average man. So when you order your natural size. Small, Med, Large, Xtra Large & XXL It should fit nicely comparable to other T shirts in your closet of the same size.

Fabric Material: This is 100% Cotton Fabric. For easy pull over and stretch. Adding a comfortable feel. This blend helps your bodies natural cooling system work better by dissolving sweat and not containing liquid for density.

  • - Crewneck
  • - Shortsleve
  • - Regular Fit 
  • - 100% Cotton Fabric
  • - Machine Washable
  • - Made in USA


Skull Canyon Arizona Crossed Miners Hammers With 1968 Silver Mining Pow-Wow T-Shirt Logo Design