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Automotive Chop Shop | Underground Humor | Men's Casual T Shirt | Kansas City, Missouri

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Dirty Joe's Crime Boss Designs

 Theft & Selling Automotive Parts Is Illegal? Right?

Buy this really awesome Kansas City, Missouri inspired Chop Shop T shirt. Wether you off the job or on the job. This men's casual T shirt is sure to make you look and feel good. Its got that vice like or gray between the law feel about it. And it's just awesome! If your mechanic Truck Driver this graphic printed Tee will be a nice addition to your wardrobe.

Design In Depth: The front of the Tee has our Original Brand Label that say's Original Dirty Joe's Brand with a hand written oval border. The rear of the T shirt has a Orange oval base with white lettering that say's. Dirty Joe's Chop Shop & Automotive Garage. On the top rocker is say's Tow Service with the bottom rocker displaying Kansas City, Missouri with crossed engine Piston's in the center. with small print that say's Gas and Oil.


Fit: This T Shirt fits a average man. So when you order your natural size. Small, Med, Large, Xtra Large & XXL It should fit nicely comparable to other T shirts in your closet of the same size.

Fabric Material: This is 100% Cotton Fabric. For easy pull over and stretch. Adding a comfortable feel. This blend helps your bodies natural cooling system work better by dissolving sweat and not containing liquid for density.

Feel Free to get yours today. 


  • - Casual T shirt
  • - Shortsleve
  • - Regular Fit 
  • - 100% Cotton Fabric
  • - Machine Washable
  • - Made in USA


Traditionally Gas Station's were locally owned and doubled as Automotive Garage's. Offering Tow Services even small snacks and drinks. Those day's aren't completely gone. But you can still find Auto Garage's that offer similar services. But if your on the wrong side of the Law. These Automotive Garage's hire car booster's to steal cars and bring them in to the shop. To be chopped up & sold for parts. So their criminal misdeeds hopefully do not attract law enforcement. To really give you a kick, We decided we might as well do this one right. And designed a really awesome T shirt many will want to buy! We take car theft to a whole new level with our own Dirty Joe's Chop Shop automotive garage & tow service. If your like me and like a good T shirt that shows our gray side of life. This T shirt is sure to get you noticed. And probably have other guy's asking where'd you get that? Is that a real place in Kansas City, Missouri?


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