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Ozark, Missouri T shirt | Mountain Hiking Club Logo

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If you're like me. You love to be outside when you can. Instead of in the office slaving away for a paycheck. I took my inspiration of hiking through the Ozark lakes and lower Missouri to a whole new level. When I designed this new graphic Tee.


The Back of the Tee say's Dirty Joe's on the side of a image of a mountain and the middle say's Hiking Club. The smaller mountain say's 1969 Trek for that older vintage look. And to round off the bottom it states Ozark, Missouri 

You really can have fun while trekking through the forest in Ozark, Missouri But the wildlife may prove to be to tempting and eat you! Food for thought. Dirty Joe!

Coming in Fall although you can preorder yours today!


Fit: This T Shirt fits a average man. So when you order your natural size. Small, Med, Large, Xtra Large & XXL It should fit nicely comparable to other T shirts in your closet of the same size.

Fabric Material: This is 100% Cotton Fabric. For easy pull over and stretch. Adding a comfortable feel. This blend helps your bodies natural cooling system work better by dissolving sweat and not containing liquid for density.

  • - Crewneck
  • - Shortsleve
  • - Regular Fit 
  • - 100% Cotton Fabric
  • - Machine Washable
  • - Made in USA



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