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Whiskey & Moonshine Distillery | Men's Casual T shirt | Urban Clothing | Vintage Style Kansas City, Mo

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Reserve Blend Bottle Logo Printed T Shirt

Buy this awesome Kansas City Whiskey men's casual T shirt. Get one for your day's off the job site. Or wear it part of your normal daily Urban Clothing or streetwear. Everybody loves great workwear so this T shirt design has a funny Moonshine Distillers front logo. Once these are gone. They are gone for good.

Design In Depth: As a average guy that works hard. I love a glass of whiskey every now and then. And to supplement my view of the overcrowded whiskey market. I decided to brand my own design of the hard liquor. And to make it even more hilarious but classy. I designed a "Reseve Blend Whiskey" Now since this a special product. That will be debut in 2018 as our own liquor. For sale in a few select liquor and package stores regionally. As a average Joe. I wanted to have my own taste of high society. The basics of this Whiskey T-Shirt. Is very simple. It has a border at the top with our website. DirtyJoes.Co and say's "Resever Blend" Whiskey closing the design label with the bottom label Since 1939. The front chest print say's Moonshine Distillery Kansas City,Mo 2016


Fit: This T Shirt fits a average man. So when you order your natural size. Small, Med, Large, Xtra Large & XXL It should fit nicely comparable to other T shirts in your closet of the same size.

Fabric Material: This is 100% Cotton Fabric. For easy pull over and stretch. Adding a comfortable feel. This blend helps your bodies natural cooling system work better by dissolving sweat and not containing liquid for density.

Feel Free to get yours today. Once these sell out there gone for good.


  • - Casual T shirt
  • - Shortsleve
  • - Regular Fit 
  • - 100% Cotton Fabric
  • - Machine Washable
  • - Made in USA
  • - Urban Clothing


What is Whiskey?

You probably have heard of Bourbon right? (All bourbon is whiskey!) But not all whiskey is bourbon! What you say? Ok well that seems confusing. It's true. But to the basics first.

Simply. Whiskey is a stronger liquor, distilled from grains and matured in usually White or Red oak casks. For several years for taste and flavor. Before being bottled up. The spirits will be taste tested and certain proprietary secret flavors will be added for taste. But the base ingredients are grain, water and yeast but this only gives us part of the picture.
One has also has to look at the country of origin and the type of whisky you are looking for. And that is a discussion for another time soon. Dirty Joe!




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